BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

This class is used with CBCGPEditCtrl

The CBCGPIntelliSenseLB class is a part of IntelliSense support implemented by the edit control. It represents the ownerdraw Windows listbox control filled by the appropriate IntelliSense data. An object of this class is created in conjunction with CBCGPIntelliSenseWnd, that is a popup window automatically created and displayed by the edit control when you call (or called automatically by the framework) CBCGPEditCtrl::InvokeIntelliSense.

If you derive your own class from CBCGPIntelliSenseLB, you should override CBCGPEditCtrl::InvokeIntelliSense and call CBCGPIntelliSenseWnd::Create with the last parameter set to the pointer to runtime class of custom listbox.

To associate an image list with the items in the list box you need to call CBCGPEditCtrl::SetIntelliSenseImgList.

To set a font for the list box you need to call CBCGPEditCtrl::SetIntelliSenseLBFont.

When CBCGPIntelliSenseWnd::Create creates the list box, it iterates the IntelliSense data passed as a parameter, fills the list box and associates indexes in the image list with each item.

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPIntelliSenseLB:

Public Member Functions

 SelectCurrentWordTakes the current word from the parent edit control and selects it in the list box.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPBaseIntelliSenseLB
 SetImageListAssociates the image list with the list box.

Static Public Attributes

 m_bComparenoCaseSpecifies whether the list box is case sensitive or not.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPBaseIntelliSenseLB
 m_clrSelectedItemBkColorSpecifies the background color of selected item text.
 m_clrSelectedItemTextColorSpecifies the foreground color of selected item text.
 m_nFocusRectToTextSpacingSpecifies the distance, in pixels, between the focus rectangle and the left edge of the item text.
 m_nImageToFocusRectSpacingSpecifies the distance, in pixels, between the item image and the focus rectangle.
 m_nNumVisibleItemsSpecifies the number of visible items in the list box.
 m_nRightSpacingSpecifies the distance, in pixels, from the right edge of the list box to the right edge of the item.