BCGSuite for MFC
BOOL CBCGPMenuButton::SetupMenu ( UINT  nMenuResID,
int  nSubMenuIndex = -1,
BOOL  bSplitButton = FALSE,
BOOL  bThemedMenu = TRUE 

Sets up the menu button content and appearance.

Call this method to initialize the menu button. Please note, that this this method should be called before control creation (m_hWnd should be NULL).

nMenuResIDMenu resource ID.
nSubMenuIndexSpecifies sub menu ID.
bSplitButtonSpecifies whether the menu button has a "split" mode. When this parameter is TRUE, the client area is "splitted": clicking on left side invokes a default button's action; right side (around arrow) - opens the menu.
bThemedMenuSpecifies whether a drop-down menu should be themed (current visual manager style is applied).
True if it succeeds, false if it fails.