BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPPropertyPage class extends MFC's CPropertyPage class and enables correct processing of the library-supplied popup menus. Also, CBCGPPropertyPage class should be used in conjunction with CBCGPPropertySheet.

If you're using property sheets and property pages in your application and you want to take the advantage of library-specific popup menus or you want to use advanced features of CBCGPPropertySheet class, you should replace all occurrences of CPropertyPage with CBCGPPropertyPage.

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Public Types

enum  BackgroundLocation

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPPropertyPageConstructs the property page object.
 CBCGPPropertyPageConstructs the property page object.
 AutoResizeControlsEnable auto-resizing check boxes, radio buttons and static labels.
 ClearNumericNotificationBadgeClears the numeric notification badge associated with this page.
 EnableLayoutEnables or disables layout manager for a property page.
 EnableVisualManagerStyleAutomatically subclasses all hosted controls in order to take advantage of Visual Manager themes.
 GetInfoTipControlGets a dialog control with currently active info tip.
 GetLayoutReturns a pointer to layout manager.
 GetNumericNotificationBadgeGets a notification badge numeric value.
 GetNumericNotificationBadgeColorGets a notification badge background color.
 IsAutoPrepareComboListStylesTells whether all child list box and combo boxes should be recreated by adding "owner-draw fixed" and "has strings" Windows styles.
 IsControlsDefaultDlgBackgroundTells whether controls background redrawing is optimized.
 IsGroupBoxesDrawByParentTells whether group box control is rendered by parent window.
 IsLayoutEnabledTells whether layout management is enabled for a property page.
 IsMFCResourceLayoutTells whether the dialog uses MFC resource (loaded from the dialog resource) layout.
 IsVisualManagerStyleTells whether a window uses visual manager style.
 RemoveInfoTipsRemoves all previously added information tips.
 SetBackgroundImageSets the property page's background image
 SetBackgroundImageSets the property page's background image
 SetControlInfoTipAdds an information tip to the dialog child control specified by ID.
 SetControlInfoTipAdds an information tip to the dialog child control specified by window.
 SetControlsDefaultDlgBackgroundEnables/disables child controls background optimized redrawing.
 SetEditBoxesVerticalAlignmentSpecifies vertical alignment for all edit boxes located on the window (single-line only).
 SetGroupBoxesDrawByParentEnables drawing group box controls by the parent window.
 SetNumericNotificationBadgeSets a numeric notification badge.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CBCGPGestureBase
 OnGestureEventPressAndTapCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_PRESSANDTAP notification.
 OnGestureEventRotateCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_ROTATE notification.
 OnGestureEventTwoFingerTapCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_TWOFINGERTAP notification.
 OnGestureEventZoomCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_ZOOM notification.
 ProcessGestureEventThis method should be called from WM_GESTURE message handler.