BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPSVGImage::DoDraw ( CDC *  pDC,
const CRect &  rect,
BOOL  bDisabled = FALSE,
BYTE  alphaSrc = 255,
BOOL  bCacheBitmap = FALSE,
BOOL  bKeepAspectRatio = TRUE,
BOOL  bUseViewBoxSize = FALSE,
BOOL  bSVGStretch = TRUE 

Draws an SVG on the device context.

pDCA pointer to a device context.
rectSpecifies the image destination coordinates.
bDisabledSpecifies whether the image is disabled.
alphaSrcAlpha [0-255].
bCacheBitmapSpecifies whether the image should be cashed in the memory bitmap. If image is cashed, the framework will draw the bitmap content.
bKeepAspectRatioSpecifies whether the image aspect ratio should be maintained.
bUseViewBoxSizeSpecifies whether the view box size should be used instead of the image size.
bSVGStretchSpecifies whether the image should fit 'rect' bounds. By default, this parameter is TRUE.