BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPToolBoxPage class is a helper class used in conjunction with CBCGPToolBox objects. The instances of this object are created dynamically when you call CBCGPToolBox::AddToolsPage.

This class is implemented as a control bar containing an array of CBCGPToolBoxButton objects.

See also
CBCGPToolBox, CBCGPToolBoxEx, CBCGPToolBoxButton

Inherits CBCGPControlBar.

Public Types

enum  ToolBoxPageMode

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPToolBoxPageDefault constructor.
 AddButtonAdds a button.
 DeleteAllButonsDeletes all buttons from the toolbox page.
 DeleteButtonDeletes a button.
 EnableEnable all items in this page.
 GetButtonByIDFinds a button by specified ID.
 GetButtonCountReturns the number of buttons contained in the toolbox page.
 GetButtonUserDataGets button user data.
 GetEmptyPagePromptRetrivies a message prompt displayed when the page is empty.
 GetModeReturns the current page mode.
 GetSelectedGets the selected item index.
 IsEnabledTells whether items on this page are enabled.
 IsVisibleTells whether a specific toolbox page is visible.
 SetButtonUserDataSets button user-defined data.
 SetEmptyPagePromptCall this method to specify a message prompt displayed when the page is empty.
 SetModeSets the new page mode.
 SetSelectedSelects toolbox page item.
 SetVisibleShows or hides a specific toolbox page.

Protected Attributes

 m_nVertScrollOffsetSpecifies the vertical scroll position.
 m_nVertScrollSizeSpecifies the scroll size and it's equal to the number of items that exceeds the number of visible items.