BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGP_GANTT_CHART_COLORS structure is used to create custom color schemes for the Gantt Chart.

You can specify CLR_DEFAULT for each element. In this case a Visual Manager's color, or the current color scheme color (see CBCGPGanttChart::SetColorScheme) will be used.

Public Attributes

 clrBackgroundGantt Chart background
 clrBarCompleteColor of "completed" state of a Gantt item.
 clrBarFillFill color of a Gantt item.
 clrConnectorLinesColor of connection line between Gantt items.
 clrGridLine0Color of major vertical lines.
 clrGridLine1Color of minor vertical lines.
 clrGroupBarFillFill color of a group item.
 clrRowBackgroundRow background.
 clrRowDayOffHoliday background color.
 clrSelectionSelection color.
 clrSelectionBorderColor of selection border.
 clrShadowsColor of item shadows.