BCGSuite for MFC

Public Member Functions

 BCGPChartFormatLegendTableDefault constructor.
 GetContentPaddingReturns a legend content padding.
 ResetResets the object to default state.
 SetContentPaddingModifies a legend content padding.

Public Attributes

 m_bAdjustLegendSizeByTitleSizeSpecifies whether adjust legend size by title size.
 m_bDrawHorizontalGridLinesSpecifies whether draw horizontal grid lines.
 m_bDrawLegendBordersSpecifies whether draw legend borders.
 m_bDrawTitleGridLineSpecifies whether draw title grid line.
 m_bDrawVerticalGridLinesSpecifies whether draw vertical grid lines.
 m_bFixedRowHeightSpecifies whether row height is fixed or not.
 m_bInterlaceRowsSet TRUE to interlace legend table rows.
 m_brFillFills interior of legend.
 m_brInterlaceFillThe interlace fill brush.
 m_brParentControlFillFills background of legend (used to fill background of parent control, if the legend is not in container).
 m_bShowChartNameSpecifies whether show or hide the chart name in the legend.
 m_bShowTitleSpecifies whether legend title is visible, or not.
 m_outlineFormatFormat of legend grid lines.
 m_titleFormatThe legend title format.