BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGPChartSmartLabelParams defines parameters for "smart labels" algorithms. When the "smart labels" feature is enabled, the chart tries to adjust data label positions in the way they do not overlap. It's achieved by adjusting data label angle and distance from data marker.

The parameters define allowed intervals for angles and distances.

The "smart labels" feature works for line, area, bubble, polar, radar and ternary chart types. For column and bar charts - with limitations (e.g. overlapping is resolved only for combined charts - for example, column and area, so only area labels are adjusted).

Public Attributes

 m_bArrangeByAngleEnables or disables adjustment of data label angle.
 m_bArrangeByDistanceEnables or disables adjustment of data label distance.
 m_nAngleOffsetSpecifies allowed interval, in degrees, of data label angles.
 m_nMaxAllowedDistancePercentControls distance of data labels from data markers.