BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

A list of BCGPSeriesColors structures is created automatically by the library when it generates a series palette for a color theme.

Public Member Functions

 EmptyEmpties all colors.
 IsEmptyTells whether all colors are empty.

Public Attributes

 m_brAlternativeFillColorSpecifies alternative fill color for series elements.
 m_brAlternativeLineColorSpecifies alternative line color for series elements.
 m_brDataLabelFillColorSpecifies data label fill color.
 m_brDataLabelLineColorSpecifies data label line color.
 m_brDataLabelTextColorSpecifies data label text color.
 m_brElementBottomFillColorFill color of bottom face of a 3D shape.
 m_brElementFillColorSpecifies series element (data point) fill color.
 m_brElementLineColorSpecifies series element (data point) line color.
 m_brElementSideFillColorFill color of left or right face of a 3D shape.
 m_brElementTopFillColorFill color of top face of a 3D shape.
 m_brMarkerFillColorSpecifies marker fill color.
 m_brMarkerLineColorSpecifies marker line color.