BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

In general, it's enough to call CBCGPChartAxis::EnableScaleBreaks(TRUE, NULL, TRUE) to get automatically generated scale breaks with the most common options.

If you need to specify scale breaks manually or wish to customize scale break appearance, then you need to fill this structure and pass to CBCGPChartAxis::EnableScaleBreaks.

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPChartScaleBreakOptionsCreates an instance of scale break options.
 VerifyVerifies validity of scale break options.

Public Attributes

 m_bAutomaticSpecifies whether scale breaks should be generated automatically (TRUE), or will be added manually using AddScaleBreak(FALSE).
 m_bMergeBreaksFromTailControls how to merge scale breaks.
 m_bStartFromZeroSpecifies how to calculate major unit within scale parts.
 m_dblFirstBreakOffsetPercentOffset of the first scale break from the bottom of axis, in percents from the total axis size.
 m_dblValueThresholdPercentControls creation of automatic scale breaks.
 m_formatSpecifies scale break format.
 m_nGapSpecifies gap, in pixels, between two scale parts created by a scale break.
 m_nMaxCountSpecifies maximum allowed number of automatically generated scale breaks.
 m_styleSpecifies scale break style.