BCGSuite for MFC
static void CBCGPChartTheme::InitChartColors ( CBCGPChartTheme theme,
const CBCGPColor colorFill,
const CBCGPColor colorOutline,
const CBCGPColor colorTextIn = CBCGPColor(),
const CBCGPColor colorSelIn = CBCGPColor(),
const CBCGPColor colorPlotterIn = CBCGPColor(),
double  dblInterlaceOpacity = .04,
BOOL  bIsDarkBackground = FALSE 

Generates a color scheme based on a set of basic colors.

This static method generates colors for a theme using a set of basic colors.

themeA reference to theme to genereates the colors for.
colorFillFill color.
colorOutlineLine color.
colorTextInText color.
colorSelInSelection color.
colorPlotterInPlot area color.
dblInterlaceOpacityOpacity of interlace bands.
bIsDarkBackgroundTRUE - the chart background is dark; FALSE - otherwise