BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPGridColumnsInfoEx class extends the functionality of the CBCGPGridColumnsInfo class to allow creation of custom header layout.

To create a custom layout you have to perform the following steps:

Example 1:

// The sample adds the additional header line above all columns
CArray<int, int> arrLines;
m_ColumnsEx.AddHeaderItem(NULL, &arrLines, -1, _T("Span to all columns"), HDR_CENTER);

Example 2:

// The sample merges header for columns #2 and #3
CArray<int, int> arrMergeColumns;
m_ColumnsEx.AddHeaderItem (&arrMergeColumns, NULL, -1, _T("Span columns #2 and #3"), HDR_CENTER, 4);
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPGridColumnsInfoEx:

Public Member Functions

 AddHeaderItemAdds a new header item for the layout.
 GetHeaderLineCountReturns the number of header lines.
 GetHeaderTooltipReturns header tooltip.
 RemoveAllHeaderItemsRemoves all header items and restores the default header layout.
 SetHeaderLineCountSets header line count.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPGridColumnsInfo
 EnableCheckBoxEnables or disables the grid column check box.
 GetCheckBoxStateRetrieves the column check state.
 GetColumnImageReturns the zero-based index of the image, associated with the specified column.
 GetColumnWidthAutoSizeTells whether a column has fixed, or automatic size.
 HitTestColumnCall this method to obtain information about a column from the given point.
 InsertColumnsInserts several columns into the grid control.
 IsCheckBoxEnabledTells whether a grid column check box is enabled or not.
 ResizeRecalculates the width of columns to fit the working area of the grid control.
 SetCheckBoxStateSets a column check state.
 SetColumnImageAssociates the column with image from the header's image list.
 SetColumnWidthAutoSizeEnables or disables automatic size for a column.
 SetHeaderMultiLineSets a column header to multiline mode.