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Detailed Description

The CBCGPAppointmentBaseMultiStorage class extends the CBCGPAppointmentBaseStorage class to store appointments for multiple resources.

Each resource is identified by a Resource ID and you must propogate this ID to any appointment (CBCGPAppointment::SetResourceID) that belongs to the Resource in order to enable multi resource view.

Before you add any resources and appointments, you must call CBCGPAppointmentBaseMultiStorage::AddStorage. This method adds a storage for the specified Resource.

Call SetCurrentResourceID() to tell the multi-storage to work (perform queries) with an existing Resource.

See also
CBCGPAppointmentBaseStorage, CBCGPPlannerViewMulti
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPAppointmentBaseMultiStorage:

Public Member Functions

 AddStorageAdds a storage for a Resource.
 GetCountReturns the number of storages.
 GetCurrentResourceIDReturns a resource ID that is currently selected in the multi-storage for basic storage operations.
 GetResourceIDsReturns an array of Resource IDs whose storages have been added to the multi-storage.
 GetResourceInfoRetrieves an information about a Resource, which has been stored in the multi-storage.
 GetStorageReturns a storage associated with the specified Resource.
 RemoveStorageRemoves a storage associated with the specified Resource from the multi-storage.
 SetCurrentResourceIDSelects a storage with the specified Resource ID to be the current storage for basic storage operations.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPAppointmentBaseStorage
 AddAdds an appointment to the storage.
 GetRecurrenceReturns the parent recurrence object by the given ID
 IsEmptyChecks whether the storage is empty.
 QueryRetrieves appointments that are located between specified dates from the storage.
 QueryAllRetrieves all appointments from the storage.
 RemoveRemoves an appointment from the storage.
 RemoveAllRemoves all appointments from the storage.
 UpdateUpdates an appointment in the storage.