BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPBaseChartImpl class implements common algorithms for series drawing. Each series maintains a pointer to its specific "implementation". For example, CBCGPChartLineSeries contains a pointer to CBCGPLineChartImpl, CBCGPChartBarSeries - CBCGPBarChartImpl, etc.

If you need to customize a specific implementation, derive a class from CBCGP[chart_type]ChartImpl and call CBCGPChartSeries::SetChartImpl. The corresponding implementation is created by CBCGPChartSeries::OnCreateChartImpl, which also can be overridden. Note, that a pointer to implementation is deleted automatically by series.

Inherits CObject.

Inherited by CBCGPAreaChartImpl, CBCGPBarChartImpl, CBCGPBoxPlotChartImpl, CBCGPBubbleChartImpl, CBCGPLineChartImpl, CBCGPLongDataChartImpl, CBCGPPercentChartImpl, and CBCGPSurfaceChart3DImpl.

Public Types

enum  AxisType

Public Member Functions

 GetAxisTypeReturns axis type for a specific chart implementation. Pure virtual in the base class.
 OnCalcBoundingRectCalled to calculate a bounding rectangle of data point.
 OnCalcDataPointLabelRectCalled to calculate a bounding rectangle of a data label associated with specified data point.
 OnCalcLegendKeySizeCalled to calculate size of a legend key.
 OnCalcScreenPositionsCalled to calculate screen positions for all data points in a series.
 OnDrawChartLegendKeyCalled to draw a legend key.
 OnDrawDiagramCalled to draw data points for a series on diagram area. Pure virtual in the base class.
 OnDrawDiagramDataLabelCalled to draw a data label for specified data point.
 OnDrawDiagramDataLabelsDraws data labels for a series.
 OnDrawDiagramErrorBarsDraws the diagram error bars.
 OnDrawDiagramMarkerCalled to draw a data point marker.
 OnDrawDiagramMarkersCalled to draw all data point markers for a series.
 OnGetDataLabelSizeCalled to calculate data label size.
 OnGetMarkerPointReturns screen point, in client coordinates, of data point marker.
 PtInDataPointTells whether a specified point is located inside the data point's bounds.

Protected Member Functions

 GetErrorBarsSeriesRetrieve error bars associated with the specific series.