BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPBaseChartImpl class implements common algorithms for series drawing. Each series maintains a pointer to its specific "implementation". For example, CBCGPChartLineSeries contains a pointer to CBCGPLineChartImpl, CBCGPChartBarSeries - CBCGPBarChartImpl, etc.

If you need to customize a specific implementation, derive a class from CBCGP[chart_type]ChartImpl and call CBCGPChartSeries::SetChartImpl. The corresponding implementation is created by CBCGPChartSeries::OnCreateChartImpl, which also can be overridden. Note, that a pointer to implementation is deleted automatically by series.

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPBaseChartImpl:

Public Types

enum  AxisType

Public Member Functions

 GetAxisTypeReturns axis type for a specific chart implementation. Pure virtual in the base class.
 OnCalcBoundingRectCalled to calculate a bounding rectangle of data point.
 OnCalcDataPointLabelRectCalled to calculate a bounding rectangle of a data label associated with specified data point.
 OnCalcLegendKeySizeCalled to calculate size of a legend key.
 OnCalcScreenPositionsCalled to calculate screen positions for all data points in a series.
 OnDrawChartLegendKeyCalled to draw a legend key.
 OnDrawDiagramCalled to draw data points for a series on diagram area. Pure virtual in the base class.
 OnDrawDiagramDataLabelCalled to draw a data label for specified data point.
 OnDrawDiagramDataLabelsDraws data labels for a series.
 OnDrawDiagramErrorBarsDraws the diagram error bars.
 OnDrawDiagramMarkerCalled to draw a data point marker.
 OnDrawDiagramMarkersCalled to draw all data point markers for a series.
 OnGetDataLabelSizeCalled to calculate data label size.
 OnGetMarkerPointReturns screen point, in client coordinates, of data point marker.
 PtInDataPointTells whether a specified point is located inside the data point's bounds.

Protected Member Functions

 GetErrorBarsSeriesRetrieve error bars associated with the specific series.