BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl class implements the functionality of a CStatic control with embedded CBCGPBaseVisualObject.

It's an abstract class that defines an interface for other visual controls and containers.

See also
CBCGPVisualCtrl, CBCGPChartCtrl
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl:

Public Member Functions

 CopyToClipboardCopies an embedded visual object to the Clipboard.
 CreateCreates a Windows control.
 CreatePopupCreates a popup window
 DoPrintImplements printing support for encapsulated visual object.
 EnableInfoTipEnables the information tip associated with this control.
 EnableTooltipEnables tooltips
 ExportToFileExports the embedded visual object to a file.
 GetGraphicsManagerGets graphics manager associated with control.
 GetPrintOptionsGets control printing options.
 IsDirtyTells whether the embedded visual object is "dirty".
 IsInfoTipEnabledTells whether the information tip is enabled.
 IsTooltipEnabledTells whether the visual control tooltip support is enabled.
 OnAfterCreateWndCalled by the framework after window was created.
 OnBeforeDestroyWndCalled by the framework before window destroying.
 OnDPIChangedCalled by the framework when the control DPI is changed
 SetPrintOptionsSets control printing options.

Static Public Member Functions

 CloseActivePopupCloses active popup (created by CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl::CreatePopup) visual control.
 HasActivePopupTells whether a popup (created by CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl::CreatePopup) visual control is active.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CBCGPGestureBase
 OnGestureEventBeginCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_BEGIN notification.
 OnGestureEventEndCalled by the framework to handle BCGP_GID_END notification.
 ProcessGestureEventThis method should be called from WM_GESTURE message handler.