BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPChartAxisMarkObject::CBCGPChartAxisMarkObject ( CBCGPChartVisualObject pParentChart,
double  dblVal,
const CString &  strText,
BOOL  bVertAxis,
BOOL  bOutside,
const CBCGPBrush brTextColor,
const CBCGPBrush brFill = CBCGPBrush(),
const CBCGPBrush brOutline = CBCGPBrush() 

The constructor.

Constructs an axis mark object. Note, the constructor does not add the object to the parent chart. You always need to call CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddChartObject.

If you don't specify fill, outline and text colors, the colors are taken from the first series of the current visual theme.

pParentChartA pointer to a parent chart.
dblValSpecifies a related axis value to place the axis mark at.
strTextSpecifies the axis mark text.
bVertAxisSpecifies whether to place the axis mark at the vertical or horizontal axis.
bOutsideSpecifies whether the axis mark should be placed outside (TRUE) of the axis, or inside.
brTextColorSpecifies text color.
brFillSpecifies fill color.
brOutlineSpecifies outline color.