BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual const BCGPChartFormatSeries* CBCGPChartSeries::GetDataPointFormat ( int  nIndex,
BOOL  bAlloc 

Returns data point formatting options.

This method is called to obtain a pointer to data point formatting options.

By default data points are not formatted and their formatting options are inherited from a series (colors, if not set at the series level, are inherited from visual theme), therefore this method returns NULL if a data point has not been formatted and bAlloc is FALSE.

If bAlloc is TRUE the initial settings are copied for the parent series and then can be customized in order to format a data point individually.

Most of the formatting wrappers implemented by CBCGPChartSeries allocate the formatting options first (if the data point index they take as a parameter specifies an existing data point).

nIndexA data point index.
bAllocTRUE - allocate formatting options if a data point has not been formatted; FALSE - do not allocate formatting options.