BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGPChartFormatSeries structure defines formatting options that can be applied to a series or to individual data points. Also it provides a set of wrappers that help to set values for individual fields of encapsulated formatting options.

This structure is a major entity that deals with series formatting. By the default each data point object does not allocate a formatting structure and is displayed with default series settings (which are usually inherited from the current visual theme). As soon as you need to customize any of data point settings, you can call one of CBCGPChartSeries::Set... methods that take a data point index: SetSeriesElementFormat, SetMarkerFormat, SetDataLabelOptions or more specific methods helping to set individual formatting properties (SetMarkerFill(), SetSeriesFill(), SetDataLabelFill() etc). As a result a series allocates a private BCGPChartFormatSeries structure for desired data point, copies default settings from the series level and sets individual data point properties you've specified.

It's recommended to set formatting options for a series first using CBCGPChartSeries::SetSeriesFormat and then customize individual data points.

You can clear individual data point formatting with CBCGPChartSeries::ClearDataPointFormat(-1) (for all data points in a series).

Public Types

enum  ChartCurveType

Public Member Functions

 GetSeriesFillOpacityGets series fill opacity.
 ResetResets the series formatting to default state.
 SetDataLabelDrawBorderEnables or disables series data label outline border.
 SetDataLabelFillSets series data label fill brush.
 SetDataLabelLineColorSets series data label ouliline color.
 SetDataLabelLineWidthSets series data label line width.
 SetDataLabelStrokeStyleSets series data label outline stroke style.
 SetDataLabelTextFormatSets series data label text format.
 SetDataLabelUnderlineSpecifies whether to draw series data label using underline font.
 SetMarkerFillSets series marker fill brush.
 SetMarkerLineColorSets series marker line color.
 SetMarkerLineWidthSets series marker line width.
 SetMarkerShapeSets series marker shape.
 SetMarkerSizeSets series marker size.
 SetMarkerStrokeStyleSets series marker stroke style.
 SetSeriesFillSets series fill brush.
 SetSeriesFillOpacitySets series fill opacity.
 SetSeriesLineColorSets series line color.
 SetSeriesLineWidthSets series line width.
 SetSeriesOutlineDashStyleSets series lines dash style.
 SetSeriesStrokeStyleSets series lines stroke style.

Public Attributes

 m_curveTypeSpecifies series curve type.
 m_dataLabelFormatSpecifies data label format for the whole series or for an individual data point.
 m_dataTableOptionsSpecifies data table format for the series.
 m_legendLabelContentSpecifies content of legend label.
 m_legendLabelFormatSpecifies legend label formatting options.
 m_markerFormatSpecifies formatting options for data point markers.
 m_seriesElementFormatSpecifies formatting options for series elements (data points)