BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPChartVisualObject::BindDataTable ( CBCGPChartDataProvider dataProvider,
const CString &  strTableName,
const CString &  strCategoryColumn = _T(""),
const CStringList *  plstColumns = NULL,
int  nDataPointValuesNumber = -1,
BOOL  bAutoSetChartTitle = TRUE,
BCGPChartType  type = BCGP_CT_DEFAULT,
BCGPChartCategory  category = BCGPChartDefault,
BOOL  bCleanUpChartData = FALSE 

Bind datatable to the chart.

dataProviderA reference to the chart data provider object.
strTableNameDatatable name.
strCategoryColumnName of the data table column that specifies a chart category. If empty, the chart doesn't have cetegory.
plstColumnsOptonal list of data table columns.
nDataPointValuesNumberA number of values per chart data point. If this value is (-1), the nember will be specified by chart type.
bAutoSetChartTitleSpecifies whether chart title should be automatically set from the data table name.
typeSpecifies the chart type.
categorySpecifies the chart category.
bCleanUpChartDataSpecifies whether chart data should be removed before adding a new data from the provider.