BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartVisualObject::SetFixedDisplayRange ( CBCGPChartData dataStart,
CBCGPChartData dataEnd,
BOOL  bAxesFromData = FALSE,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE,
BOOL  bByZoom = FALSE 

Sets fixed display range.

dataStartThe data start.
dataEndThe data end.
bAxesFromDataTRUE to axes from data.
bRedrawTells the chart to invalidate and redraw.
bByZoomShould be FALSE unless you implement custom zoom and need to set automatic display range for zoomed axes.

Use this method when you wish manually specify the displayed range on an axis. It overrides automatic calculation of minimum and maximum displayed values and forces an axis to display values in the specified range. This method is not compatible with zoom and scroll modes, because zoom and scroll set their own display range.

You can call SetAutoDisplayRange() to return back to automatic mode.