BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartVisualObject::ShowDataLabels ( BOOL  bShow = TRUE,
BOOL  bDrawBorder = TRUE,
BOOL  bDropLineToMarker = TRUE,
double  dblAngle = -1,
double  dblDistanceFromMarker = -1 

Shows or hides data labels for all series.

Call this method to hide or display data labels for all data points in all series. Also it allows to set some additional common options. These options along with the "show" flag are cached and applied to all newly created series.

bShowTRUE - show data labels; FALSE - hide data labels.
bDrawBorderSpecifies whether to draw border around data labels.
bDropLineToMarkerSpecifies whether to draw callout line.
dblAngleSpecifies data label angle (in degrees) relative to vertical axis.
dblDistanceFromMarkerSpecifies a distance between chart data point and marker (in pixels). If this parameter is not (-1), the value will be passed to SetDataLabelDistanceFromMarker of all series of the chart.