BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddDataPointsOptimized ( const CBCGPDoubleArray &  arYValues,
int  nSeries = 0,
CBCGPDoubleArray *  pXValues = NULL,
CBCGPDoubleArray *  pY1Values = NULL,
BOOL  bRecalcMinMaxValues = FALSE 

Adds array of data points.

Call this method if you have a lot of data and do not need to customize individual data points.

In this case the data will be stored in a series as array of doubles significantly reducing memory consumption. A series will work in "optimized long data mode", X axis will work in index mode.

If you call AddDataPointsOptimized once, you can add optimized data later using AddChartData() or CBCGPChartSeries::AddDataPoint.

arYValuesArray of Y values.
nSeriesSeries index.
pXValuesArray of X values.
pY1ValuesArray of Y1 values.
bRecalcMinMaxValuesTRUE - calculate series minimum and maximum.