BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPChartVisualObject::BindDataSQL ( CBCGPChartDataProvider dataProvider,
const CString &  strSQL,
const CString &  strCategoryColumn = _T(""),
int  nDataPointValuesNumber = -1,
BCGPChartType  type = BCGP_CT_DEFAULT,
BCGPChartCategory  category = BCGPChartDefault,
BOOL  bCleanUpChartData = FALSE 

Bind datasource to the chart.

dataProviderA reference to the chart data provider object.
strSQLSQL command used for the binding.
strCategoryColumnName of the data table column that specifies a chart category. If empty, the chart doesn't have cetegory.
nDataPointValuesNumberA number of values per chart data point. If this value is (-1), the nember will be specified by chart type.
typeSpecifies the chart type.
categorySpecifies the chart category.
bCleanUpChartDataSpecifies whether chart data should be removed before adding a new data from the provider.