BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPChartVisualObject::CleanUpChartData ( int  nSeries = -1,
BOOL  bRemoveUnusedEntries = FALSE 

Removes a specified series or all series.

All series data points will be deleted as well.m_bRemoveUnusedEntries is ignored if nSeries is -1.

  • If m_bRemoveUnusedEntries is TRUE, the corresponding entry is removed from the internal series array and you can't address existing series by indexes, because they will point to wrong series (for series created after the series that has been removed).
  • If m_bRemoveUnusedEntries is FALSE, a NULL pointer is kept in the array and a new series (if you don't explicitly specify the series index) will be stored in that entry.
nSeriesSpecifies a series index to remove. Specify -1 to remove all series.
bRemoveUnusedEntriesSpecifies whether to remove unused entries from the internal series array.