BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPChartObject* CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddChartTextObject ( const CBCGPRect rcCoordinates,
const CString &  strText,
CBCGPChartObject::CoordinateMode  mode = CBCGPChartObject::CM_PIXELS,
BOOL  bRelativeToDefaultAxes = TRUE 

Adds a new Text Chart Object.

Call this helper method to add a new Text Chart Object with specified coordinates and coordinate mode.

mode can be one of the following enumerated values:

  • CM_PERCENTS - members of rcCoordinates are treated as offsets from left, right, top and bottom bounds of the Chart calculated in percents from the Chart size.
  • CM_PIXELS - members of rcCoordinates are treated as offsets in pixels from the Chart bounds.
  • CM_CHART_VALUES - members of rcCoordinates are treated as values on related X (left, right) and Y (top, bottom) axes.
  • CM_CHART_VALUE_DIST_ANGLE - rcCoordinates.left - X value, - Y value, rcCoordinates.right - distance, rcCoordinates.bottom - angle.
rcCoordinatesCoordinates of the new object that are treated according to coordinate mode.
strTextText string.
modeCoordinate mode.
bRelativeToDefaultAxesTRUE - coordinates of the newly created object are calculated according to default (primary) axes; FALSE - SetRelatedAxes will be called later for the newly created object.