BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPChartVisualObject::HitTest ( const CBCGPPoint pt,
BCGPChartHitInfo pHitInfo,
DWORD  dwHitInfoFlags = 0xFFFF 

Hit tests the specified point.

Returns TRUE when the method succeeds; FALSE if the chart visual object is "dirty" or pHitInfo is NULL.

Call this method for hit testing.

This method will return pHitInfo->m_hitInfo set to BCGPChartHitInfo::HIT_NONE if dwHitInfoFlags does not specify BCGPChartHitInfo::HIT_ALL_ELEMENTS, but the specified elements were not detected under the specified point.

See description for BCGPChartHitInfo::m_hitInfo for more information about returned hit codes.

ptSpecifies a point to test in client coordinates of chart owner.
pHitInfoA pointer to a hit info structure. Its fields are filled when the function returns.
dwHitInfoFlagsSpecifies the flags that describe what chart elements should be hit tested.