BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartVisualObject::ShowScrollBar ( int  nAxisID,
BOOL  bShow = TRUE 

Shows or hides a scroll bar for the specified axis.

nAxisID can be either a custom ID, or one of predefined:

  • BCGP_CHART_Y_PRIMARY_AXIS - primary Y axis
  • BCGP_CHART_Y_SECONDARY_AXIS - secondary Y axis
  • BCGP_CHART_X_PRIMARY_AXIS - primary X axis
  • BCGP_CHART_X_SECONDARY_AXIS - secondary X axis
  • BCGP_CHART_Z_PRIMARY_AXIS - primary Z axis
  • BCGP_CHART_Z_SECONDARY_AXIS - secondary Z axis
  • BCGP_CHART_Y_POLAR_AXIS - Y polar axis
  • BCGP_CHART_X_POLAR_AXIS - X polar axis
  • BCGP_CHART_A_TERNARY_AXIS - ternary axis for component A
  • BCGP_CHART_B_TERNARY_AXIS - ternary axis for component B
  • BCGP_CHART_C_TERNARY_AXIS - ternary axis for component C

Note, in some cases a scroll bar can't be shown even if you set this option to TRUE:

  • axis zoomed out to 100% and "show scroll bar always" option is FALSE. You may want to call CBCGPChartAxis::SetAlwaysShowScrollBar with TRUE.
  • axis works in Logarithmic Scale mode.
  • scrolling is disabled for this axis.
nAxisIDSpecifies an axis ID.
bShowSpecifies scroll bar visibility option.