BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPDockingControlBar::Slide ( BOOL  bSlideOut,
BOOL  bUseTimer = TRUE 

Called by the framework to begin showing or hiding of a control bar in autohide mode.

The Slide function sets a timer for CBCGPDockingControlBar::m_nSlideDefaultTimeOut time out. If you customize the autohide algorithm, you can play with this member as well. The default value is 1.

OnTimer handler calls OnSlide() and CheckStopSlideCondition() respectively.

When customizing the autohide behavior, pay attention to the bUseTimer parameter. When it's set to FALSE the framework requests to show or hide the control bar immediately, without autohide effect.

bSlideOutSpecifies the slide (autohide) direction. TRUE - the control bar is being shown, FALSE - the control bar is being hidden.
bUseTimerTRUE - use autohide effect; FALSE - show or hide the control bar immediately.