BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual int CBCGPDockingControlBar::HitTest ( CPoint  point,
BOOL  bDetectCaption = FALSE 

Called by the framework to get a hit-test value from the point.


One of the following values:

HTNOWHERE, HTCLIENT, HTCAPTION or a hit-test associated with caption buttons placed on the docking control bar (HTCLOSE_BCG - close button, HTMAXBUTTON - pin button).

The framework uses bDetectCaption=TRUE parameter to check a point for the caption (gripper), but sets bDetectCaption to FALSE when it needs to disable the default caption processing (do not drag the window automatically, for example).

pointA point to test.
bDetectCaptionSpecifies whether to return HTCAPTION value if the point is on the caption.