BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPEdit::EnableSearchMode ( BOOL  bEnable,
LPCTSTR  lpszPrompt,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE,
BOOL  bDrawPromptWhenFocused = FALSE 

Enables or disables search mode.

In "search" mode the edit control displays a string defined by lpszPrompt (when no text is entered) and a "search" icon at the right side. When the user begins to type text, the prompt is cleared and a "clear" icon appears in place of the "search" icon. A click on the "clear" icon clears the entered text and brings back the "search" icon.

bEnableSpecifies whether the search mode is turned on or off.
lpszPromptA text string to be displayed in the edit control in "search" mode.
clrTextA COLORREF value that specifies the text color.
bRedrawSpecifies whether a control should be redrawn.
bDrawPromptWhenFocusedSpecifies whether prompt is visible when the edit control is focused.