BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::FillIntelliSenseList ( CObList &  lstIntelliSenseData,
LPCTSTR  lpszIntelliSense 
) const

Called by the edit control when it needs to fill a list with IntelliSense data.

Should return TRUE if the application wants to display IntelliSense data; otherwise FALSE.

You need to override this function in a derived class to fill the list lstIntelliSenseData with the data to be displayed. This function is called from CBCGPEditCtrl::OnFillIntelliSenseList.

You can either override OnBeforeInvokeIntelliSense() and FillIntelliSenseList or just the entire CBCGPEditCtrl::OnFillIntelliSenseList. The difference is that OnBeforeInvokeIntelliSense() should determine the current word and pass it as the second parameter to FillIntelliSenseList, CBCGPEditCtrl::OnFillIntelliSenseList takes the current offset and returns the list that is ready to be displayed.

The default implementation does nothing and returns FALSE.

lstIntelliSenseData[out] When the function returns it should contain the IntelliSense data to be displayed.
lpszIntelliSenseSpecifies the current token according to which the iIntelliSense data should be retrieved.