BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPEditListBase::AddButton ( UINT  uiImageResId,
LPCTSTR  lpszTooltip = NULL,
WORD  wKeyAccelerator = 0,
BYTE  fVirt = 0,
UINT  uiButtonID = 0,
LPCTSTR  lpszName = NULL 

Adds a new button to the list control

Call this function to load an image from the application resources, create a new CBCGPButton object and add the button with the loaded image to the list control. The button is created with the default style CBCGPButton::BUTTONSTYLE_FLAT.

uiImageResIdSpecifies the button's image resource ID
lpszTooltipSpecifies the button's tooltip text
wKeyAcceleratorSpecifies the keyboard accelerator associated with new button
fVirtSpecifies the accelerator flag
uiButtonIDSpecifies the button ID
lpszNameSpecifies the button name