BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPFolderPickerDialog::CBCGPFolderPickerDialog ( LPCTSTR  lpszFolder = NULL,
DWORD  dwFlags = 0,
CWnd *  pParentWnd = NULL,
DWORD  dwSize = 0,
BOOL  fNonFileSystemFolders = FALSE,
CBCGPFileDialogOptions pOptions = NULL,
UINT  nDlgResID = 0 


lpszFolderThe initial folder.
dwFlagsA combination of OFN_ flags.
pParentWndA pointer to the parent window.
dwSizeNot used.
fNonFileSystemFoldersNot used.
pOptionsA pointer to CBCGPFileDialogOptions object.
nDlgResIDA dialog resource ID. Used in CBCGPFolderPickerDialog-derived classes.