BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPGanttChart implements a Gantt Chart control.

It provides the following features:

  • Unlimited time bar
  • Different types of task objects
  • Task connections
  • Printing
  • Zoom in/zoom out
  • Fully customizable appearance

Usually a Gantt Chart control is created as an embedded control in a CBCGPGanttControl.

Inherits CBCGPWnd.

Public Member Functions

 AddConnectionAdds a new connection between two items.
 AddItemAdds a new item (task) to a Gantt Chart.
 AdjustLayoutRecalculates the chart layout.
 ClientToTimeTranslates the specified X coordinate into date time.
 DecreaseScaleZooms out the chart.
 EnableAutoHideScrollBarsScpecifies whether control's scroll bars should be hidden when scroll bars are inactive (mouse cursor is located outside of scrollbar).
 FindConnectionFinds an object that describes connection between two specified items.
 GetBarRectReturns a bounding rectangle of the specified item.
 GetColorSchemeReturns the current color scheme.
 GetDefaultItemHeightReturns default row height.
 GetFirstItemOffsetReturns client coordinates of the top item (depends on vertical scroll position)
 GetItemBarHeightReturns the height of the specified item.
 GetItemByIndexReturns a pointer to an item by its index.
 GetItemCountReturns a number of items in the Gantt.
 GetItemHeightReturns the height of a row with the specified item.
 GetItemLinksReturns an array of items (connections) the specified item is connected to.
 GetItemReferrersReturns an array of items (connections) that are connected to the specified item.
 GetItemRowReturns a bounding rectangle of the specified item's row.
 GetSelectedItemsReturns an array of selected items.
 GetSelectedItemsCountReturns the number of selected items.
 GetStorageReturns a pointer to a storage, associated with the chart control.
 GetTimeDeltaReturns the time span value for a single pixel on the chart.
 GetUserColorsReturns user-defined color scheme.
 GetVisibleChartAreaReturns a bounding rectangle of the visible Chart area.
 GetVisibleTimeRangeReturns leftmost and rightmost visible date time values.
 GotoDateTimeScrolls the Gantt Chart to make the specified date time visible.
 IncreaseScaleZooms the chart in.
 InsertItemInserts an item at the specified position.
 InvalidateChartInvalidates the chart area, causing it to be redrawn.
 InvalidateHeadersInvalidates the header, causing the header's area to be redrawn.
 InvalidateItemInvalidates item's area causing an item to be redrawn.
 IsScrollBarAutoHideEnabledTells whether control's scroll bars are auto-hidden.
 IsShowToolTipTells whether tooltips are turned on or off.
 IsTimeVisibleTells whether the specified time is within the visible area of Gantt Chart.
 IsWorkingTimeIndicates whether the specified time falls within working interval.
 ItemFromPointGiven a point in the client coordinates returns a pointer to item.
 QueryToolTipTextReturns a text to be used in tooltips for the specified item.
 RemoveConnectionRemoves a connection between two specified items.
 RemoveItemRemoves an item from the Gantt.
 SelectAllItemsSelect all items.
 SelectItemSelects an item.
 SetColorSchemeSets the color scheme.
 SetDefaultItemHeightSets the default row height.
 SetScrollBarsStyleSets style of scroll bars.
 SetShowToolTipTurns tooltips on or off.
 SetTimeDeltaSets the time span of one pixel.
 SetUserColorsSets user defined colors.
 SetVisibleTimeRangeSets visible time interval.
 TimeToClientTranslates the specified time into client's X coordinate.

Protected Member Functions

 DrawChartBackgroundCalled to fill the chart background.
 DrawHeaderCellCalled to draw a header cell.
 GetGanttControlReturns a Gantt Control, which is the owner of the chart.
 QueryRendererCalled by the Gantt control to create a new query renderer.