BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

Use the global object 'bcgpGestureManager' for the registering touch-friendly window.

You don't have to instantiate an object of this class in your application - use bcgpGestureManager instead.

See CBCGPGestureBase class description for more information about using Windows Touch gestures.

Inherited by CBCGPRibbonPanelMenuBar.

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPGestureManagerDefault constructor.
 AreLegacyGesturesTells whether the legacy gestures are used in the specified window.
 BeginPanningFeedbackBegins panning feedback.
 CloseGestureInfoHandleCloses resources associated with a gesture information handle.
 EndPanningFeedbackEnds panning feedback.
 GetGestureConfigRetrieves the configuration for which Windows Touch gesture messages are sent from a window.
 GetGestureInfoRetrieves a BCGP_HGESTUREINFO structure given a handle to the gesture information
 ResumeCleans up all previously allocated internal objects.
 SetGestureConfigConfigures the messages that are sent from a window for Windows Touch gestures.
 UpdatePanningFeedbackTriggers repositioning on a window's position when a user pans past a boundary.