BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPGridRow class implements the functionality of a set of items that represent a single row of the grid control. The row manages a list of items. A row may have a list of subitems and subrows.

See also
CBCGPGridCtrl, CBCGPGridItem
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Public Member Functions

 AddItemAdds item to the row.
 AddSubItemAdds sub-item to the row.
 CanReplaceItemTells whether an item can be replaced during drag-and-drop operation.
 CheckSubItemsCheck/uncheck grid row sub items.
 ExpandExpand or collapse the row.
 GetCheckRetrieves the row check state.
 GetDataReturns the user-defined data.
 GetItemReturns an item located in the specified column.
 GetItemCountReturns the number of items in the row.
 GetLinesNumberReturns the number of text lines in the row.
 GetNameReturns a text of a group row.
 GetNameTooltipReturns a tooltip text for a group row.
 GetNameTooltipRectReturns a rectangle of a tooltip for a group row.
 GetParentRetrieves a pointer to the parent row.
 GetSubItemsRetrieves the list of sub-items.
 InsertItemInserts item to the row in the specific position.
 InsertSubItemInserts a sub-item to the specified position to the row.
 OnExpandCalled by the framework when the grid row is being expanded or collapsed
 ReadFromArchiveReads row data from archive.
 RemoveAllNotificationBadgesRemoves all notification badges located in the grid row items.
 RemoveItemRemoves the row item in specified position.
 SerializeSerializes a row to/from archive.
 SetCheckSets a row check state.
 SetDataSets a user-defined data to the row.
 SetLinesNumberSets a number of text lines in multi-line row
 ToggleCheckToggles the row check state.
 WriteToArchiveSerializes a row to archive.