BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
static BOOL CBCGPKeyboardManager::FindDefaultAccelerator ( UINT  uiCmd,
CString &  str,
CFrameWnd *  pWndFrame,
BOOL  bIsDefaultFrame,
LPACCEL  lpAccelOut = NULL 

Looks for the default accelerator key for the specified command and frame window.

Nonzero if the accelerator is found; otherwise 0;

If the accelerator key is found, the str parameter is filled by the text that represents this accelerator (for example, "Ctrl+S").

uiCmdSpecifies the command ID.
strA reference to CString object that receives a text that represents the accelerator.
pWndFrameA pointer to a frame window.
bIsDefaultFrameSpecifies whether the frame window is the default frame window.
lpAccelOut[Optional] Returns a pointer to accelerator.