BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPKeyboardManager class manages accelerator tables for main and child frame windows. Its functionality includes:

  • load and save accelerator table state from/to a specified or default profile
  • update the current accelerator table from document template
  • character translation
  • find default accelerator for a specific frame window

It's advised to initialize the CBCGPKeyboardManager global object during InitInstance by calling CBCGPWorkspace::InitKeyboardManager.

See also

Inherits CObject.

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPKeyboardManagerConstruct a CBCGPKeyboardManager object
 LoadStateLoads the accelerator state from the Windows registry.
 ResetAllResets the current accelerator table state.
 SaveStateSaves accelerator table state to the Windows registry.
 UpdateAcellTableUpdates an accelerator table with a new accelerator key.
 UpdateAcellTableUpdates an accelerator table with a new accelerator key.

Static Public Member Functions

 AllowPrintableCharactersEnables or disables assigning printable characters to the keyboard accelerators
 ArePrintableCharactersAllowedTells whether assigning printable characters is allowed.
 CleanUpFrees the internal keyboard manager's resources.
 FindDefaultAcceleratorLooks for the default accelerator key for the specified command and frame window.
 IsShowAllAcceleratorsTells whether all accelerators, or one accelerator should be displayed for a command.
 ShowAllAcceleratorsEnables or disables displaying of all accelerators defined for a command.
 TranslateCharToUpperConverts a character to upper register.