BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPMDIFrameWnd::EnableFullScreenMode ( UINT  uiFullScreenCmd)

Enables the full screen mode for a frame.

Use this function to enable an ability to switch the application to full screen mode. In the full screen mode all docking control bars, toolbars and (optionally) menu are hidden and the active view is resized to occupy the full screen.

When enabling the full screen mode, you have to specify an ID of command, which will be executed in order to set or unset the full screen mode. You can call EnableFullScreenMode from the main frame's OnCreate function. When a frame window is being switched to full screen mode, the framework creates a floating toolbar with one button having the specified command ID.

If you need to keep the main menu on the screen, call EnableFullScreenMainMenu().

See the BCGCBPVisualStudioGUIDemo example for more info (MainFrm.cpp).

uiFullScreenCmdSpecifies the ID of a command, that switches the menu mode on and off.