BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPOleIPFrameWnd::InitUserToolbars ( LPCTSTR  lpszRegEntry,
UINT  uiUserToolbarFirst,
UINT  uiUserToolbarLast 

Tells the framework to initialize range of control IDs assigned to user defined toolbars.

The user will be able to create a limited number of toolbars calculated as uiUserToolbarLast - uiUserToolbarFirst. If uiUserToolbarFirst or uiUserToolbarLast is set to -1, then the creation of user-defined toolbars is disabled.

lpszRegEntrySpecifies the registry entry where the library stores user toolbar settings.
uiUserToolbarFirstControl ID assigned to the first user-defined toolbar.
uiUserToolbarLastControl ID assigned to the last user-defined toolbar.