BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPOleIPFrameWnd class provides the functionality that allows OLE containers to take advantage of BCGControlBar Library features during OLE in-place editing. You have to derive the application in-place frame window class from the CBCGPOleIPFrameWnd class.

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Inherits COleIPFrameWnd.

Public Member Functions

 DockControlBarLeftOfDocks one toolbar at the left side of the other toolbar
 GetActivePopupReturns a pointer to the currently displayed popup menu.
 GetCommandCustomNotificationBadgeSizeCalled by the framework to obtain a custom notification badge size.
 GetDefaultResIdReturns a resource ID from which the frame window was loaded.
 GetInputModeGets an input mode.
 GetMenuBarReturns a pointer to a menu bar object attached to the frame window.
 GetTearOffBarsReturns a list of control bar objects with "tear-off" state.
 GetToolbarButtonToolTipTextCalled by the framework when a button's tooltip should be displayed.
 IsMenuBarAvailableDetermines whether a pointer to menu bar object is not NULL.
 OnClosePopupMenuCalled by the framework when an active popup menu is being destroyed.
 OnDrawCommandCustomNotificationBadge<summaryCalled by the framework to draw a command custom notification badge.
 OnDrawMenuImageCalled by the framework when a menu image is being rendered.
 OnDrawMenuLogoCalled by the framework when a CBCGPPopupMenu processes WM_PAINT message.
 OnMenuButtonToolHitTestCalled by the framework when a CBCGPToolbarButton object is processing WM_NCHITTEST message.
 OnShowPopupMenuCalled by the framework when a popup menu is being activated.
 OnTearOffMenuCalled by the framework when a menu with tear-off bar is being activated.
 SetDockStateSets the docking state for the control bars that belong to the frame window
 SetInputModeSets input mode.
 SetupToolbarMenuModifies a toolbar object by looking for dummy items and replacing them with user-defined items.

Protected Member Functions

 InitUserToolbarsTells the framework to initialize range of control IDs assigned to user defined toolbars.