BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPPropList::SetCommands ( const CStringList &  lstCmdNames,
int  nCommandRows = 1 

Specifies the list o commands (links) to display in the "commands" area.

Use this method to specify the list of commands to be displayed in the "commands" area.

The library does not assign IDs to these command - the commands are recognized by their order in the lstCmdNames list. You have to process the BCGM_PROPERTY_COMMAND_CLICKED notification message in order to handle the Property List commands. The lParam contains an index of clicked command in the list and thus can be identified and executed.

lstCmdNamesA reference to a string list with command names.
nCommandRowsSpecifies how many rows the "commands" area takes initially (actually the height of area measured in "rows").