BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPPropList::EnableContextMenu ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE,
BOOL  bAllowCopyPasteGroups = FALSE 

Enables or disables context menu.

Call this method to enable or disable context menu that can be displayed for property list items.

The menu may contain several predefined and user-defined items. The list of predefined items depends on nMenuFlags, which can be a combination of following values:

  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_COMMANDS: "Show/hide commands" menu item is visible
  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_DESCRIPTION: "Show/hide description" menu item is visible
  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_COPY_PASTE: "Copy/paste" menu items are visible
  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_RESET: "Reset" menu item is visible
  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_EDIT: "Edit" menu item is visible
  • BCGP_PROPLIST_MENU_ALL: All predefined menu items are visible

You can call SetCustomMenuItems() to add custom menu items to context menu. The items will be inserted after copy/paste/edit/reset items and before show/hide commands.

bEnableTRUE - enable context menu; FALSE - disable context menu.
nMenuFlagsSpecifies context menu flags.
bAllowCopyPasteGroupsTRUE - allow copy and paste groups of properties.