BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPPropertySheet::SetLook ( PropSheetLook  look,
int  nNavControlWidth = 100,
BOOL  bGlassEffect = TRUE,
BOOL  bSimplifiedBackIcon = TRUE 

Sets the look (style) of the property sheet.

Call this member function to define the look (style) of the property sheet. The look parameter can be one of the following enumerated values:

The default value is CBCGPPropertySheet::PropSheetLook_Tabs.

Note. If you want to alter the default value you must call SetLook before you create a property sheet window.

lookSpecifies the new style.
nNavControlWidthSpecifies the width of navigation control, in pixels. If this parameter is (-1), the control width will be automatically calculated.
bGlassEffectSpecifies whether the property sheet is displayed with glass effect (for CBCGPPropertySheet::PropSheetLook_AeroWizard style only).
bSimplifiedBackIconSpecifies whether the property sheet "Back" button is displayed in "simplified" (arrow only) look (for CBCGPPropertySheet::PropSheetLook_AeroWizard style only).