BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

Public Attributes

 m_bCloseTabOnMiddleClickSpecifies whether middle mouse button should close MDI child window.
 m_bDocumentMenuSpecifies whether each tab window should display a popup menu with opened documents, or scroll buttons.
 m_bEnableTabSwapSpecifies whether tab positions can be changed, or not.
 m_bNewTabSpecifies whether a new tab should be displayed on the right side of tabs.
 m_bTabCustomTooltipsSpecifies whether custom tooltips are enabled or not.
 m_bTabIconsSpecifies whether document icons should be displayed, or not.
 m_closeButtonModeThe tab "close" button mode.
 m_DocumentMenuStyleSpecifies the documents menu button style: drop-down arrow, ellipsis or hamburger.
 m_InsertedTabPositionSpecifies where a new MDI tab is inserted. By default, a new MDI tab is inserted at the right side.
 m_nTabMaxWidthSpecifies a max tab width.