BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonPanel* CBCGPRibbonCategory::AddPanel ( LPCTSTR  lpszPanelName,
HICON  hIcon = 0,
CRuntimeClass *  pRTI = NULL,
BOOL  bAutoDestroyIcon = TRUE,
int  nInsertAt = -1 

Adds a new panel to category.

A pointer to panel that has been created internally.

The category creates a panel internally. If you wish to add a custom panel, you must specify its runtime class information by pRTI.

Custom panel class must be derived from CBCGPRibbonPanel and declared as DECLARE_DYNCREATE.

lpszPanelNameSpecifies panel name (to be displayed on the tab).
hIconA handle to icon, which will be displayed if panel is placed on Quick Access Toolbar and if panel is stretched to its minimum size.
pRTISpecifies runtime class information for custom panels.
bAutoDestroyIconSpecifies whether the category takes ownership on icon and destroys it.
nInsertAtSpecifies an index in the list of categories to insert at. if the index is -1, the new category is inserted at the end.