BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonPanel* CBCGPRibbonDialogBar::AddPanel ( LPCTSTR  lpszPanelName,
HICON  hIcon = 0,
int  nRows = 3,
CRuntimeClass *  pRTI = NULL,
BOOL  bAutoDestroyIcon = TRUE 

Adds a new panel to Ribbon Control.

A pointer to the newly created ribbon panel.

Call this function to add panels to the embedded Ribbon Control. This method retuns a pointer to a Ribbon Panel, which should be used to add Ribbon elements like buttons and others.

lpszPanelNameSpecifies the name of the panel.
hIconA handle to panel's icon. This icon is displayed when the panel is collapsed.
nRowsSpecifies how many rows of elements the panel can display. In the standard Ribbon Control this value is hard coded (3 rows).
pRTIA pointer to runtime class information. Useful for custom ribbon panels.
bAutoDestroyIconIf TRUE, the icon specified by hIcon will be destroyed automatically along with the panel.