BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPRibbonFloaty implements the functionality of a context popup object. It can be initialized by a list of commands using CBCGPRibbonFloaty::SetCommands and shown at any place using CBCGPRibbonFloaty::Show.

The popup becomes transparent when mouse cursor is out of its bounds.

Inherits CBCGPRibbonPanelMenu.

Public Member Functions

 IsContextMenuModeTells whether the mini-toolbar was created with a context menu.
 IsOneRowTells whether the floaty takes one row or two rows.
 SetCommandsSets a list of command to be displayed by floaty.
 SetOneRowTells the floaty to take one or two rows.
 ShowDisplays floaty at the specified position in screen coordinates.
 ShowWithContextMenuDisplays floaty along with context menu.
 ShowWithContextMenuDisplays floaty along with context menu.