BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl::AddGroup ( LPCTSTR  lpszGroupName,
UINT  uiImagesPaletteResID,
int  cxPaletteImage,
BOOL  bRecalcLayout = TRUE 

Adds a group to a Ribbon Gallery control

Call this function to add a group to a Ribbon Gallery control. A group consists of a header and several items. The items are added according to image list specified by uiImagesPaletteResID.

lpszGroupNameSpecifies a group name.
uiImagesPaletteResIDResource ID of image list, which contains group items.
cxPaletteImageSpecifies width of image in image list.
bRecalcLayoutIf TRUE, a Gallery control should recalculate layout when a group has been added.