BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl implements functionality of Ribbon Gallery (in terms of BCGControlBar Pro library it's "palette button"), which can be hosted in any CWnd object (for example, placed on a dialog).

This control allows to create groups of items with (optionally) custom drawing of items.

To take advantage of CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl perform the following steps:

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl:

Public Member Functions

 AddGroupAdds a group to a Ribbon Gallery control
 AddGroupAdds a group to a Ribbon Gallery control with a custom drawing.
 CreateCreates Windows control.
 EnsureVisibleScrolls the Gallery control to make the specified item visible.
 GetCountReturns a number of items in the Gallery control.
 GetSelectedItemReturns index of currently selected item.
 OnDrawGalleryItemCalled by the library when it needs to draw an owner draw item.
 RecalcLayoutAdjusts layout of a Gallery control.
 RemoveAllRemoves all items from a Gallery control.
 SelectItemSelects an item.
 SetItemToolTipSets item's tool tip.